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izs just...

after one have 10 cannons it doesnt matter anymore that the cannons dont bother themselves with aiming... I've packed the upper left corner with cannons and with the flag and just watched as the cannon balls cloded the screen...
after you buy the second cannon the game is over...

Great Game

Its damn good for a beta!
Its exciting but it is hard to lose... :( so with some AI update this game could be my all time fav

cool anim

cool stuff


The ais are very cool, it was fun beating them :)
After I have left town the game frozed out so I wasn't able to see the actual games stuff

Youdagames responds:

We have found that glitch now.
New update will be done really soon now!

not bad

the point of conquering the world is to become rich and powerful, isn't it? But here the bigger my empire is, the poorer I am... Its total nonsense that even when half of the map is mine, I cant afford to fight the stronger countries. Cant afford to heel my veterans ... even if my armies contains only a handful of soldiers. It is more like a band of rouges than the armies of an expanding empire

nice, but...

the samurais are almost blinde... so its not hard at all to get behind them...
the animations are nice, but I would prefer to kill them myself not just navigating behind them and let it happen

you better hurry with the sequel....

Its kinda annoying that I can do nothing with my level 23 character..
Good game, it takes time to master it

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we want gateway 3!!!!!


its a bit hard to aim diagonal targets...


There were no races like this in the ancient Rome... soldiers running in full armor..? wtf. other than that... why roman soldiers if the questions have nothing to do with this? and there are other confusing issues... other than that it was fun :)

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